The Washington Post has published an “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sleeping Positions on a Plane” on its website. The article does a good job of breaking down all the ways passengers (at least those flying in economy class) try to snooze in their seats. Each position is explained and illustrated inContinue Reading

The world was sad to see the news earlier this week that artist John Baldesarri had passed away last week. As reported by the New York Times, he died at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice last January 2. Baldesarri was a figurative and literal giant ofContinue Reading

There’s a certain European “interiors” publication has made a unique design for the spine of each issue of its magazine. Regular visitors to this site can probably guess the name of that magazine. It’s the Italian-Spanish design and interior decor magazine Apartamento (pictured above). It’s what was called in theContinue Reading

In what was once an old, small two-story house next to the elevated train tracks in Tokyo’s Naka-Meguro lives Onibus Coffee. The old house has been renovated. The first floor is where they make the coffee, the second floor is small seating area. It’s a contemporary space that retains remnantsContinue Reading

So many choices, so many options, so many variations. Who knew there could be so many nut-based crunchy-delicious Japanese snacks? And all crammed into one tiny shop deep in central Tokyo’s Azabu-Juban neighborhood. Mamegen is a storied traditional Japanese snack shop and brand famous for making incredibly yummy and originalContinue Reading

We briefly swung by Japanese cellphone carrier and telecommunications giant DoCoMo’s current design exhibition in Tokyo that shows how the form factor of their smartphones has evolved. The exhibition, called DoCoMo x Design, breaks down the iterative design process with hundreds of examples of colors and shapes. It also pointContinue Reading