As many Global Graphica readers will know, we’re big — BIG! — coffee drinkers here. We drink a lot of coffee, especially espresso and slow-pour coffee. We like it black and hot, but occasionally we’ll pick up a cappuccino or even a cold brew. In the summer, our go-to is a quadruple-shot espresso over a ton of ice.

Lately we’ve been cutting back on our a coffee a bit, balancing our caffeine intake between coffee and green tea. (We drink a lot of matcha green tea.) But coffee is king.

We’re always on the hunt for new third-wave coffee bars and roasts, yet after drinking so much coffee and feeding the caffeine addiction over the years, it can sometimes all feel a bit routine and mundane. At those times, we wonder, sometimes aloud even, “Am I drinking coffee because I like the way it tastes or just to feed the addition dragon?” And then we think, “Hey, maybe we really should cut back — like seriously cut back — on our daily coffee intake.”

But every now and then we stumble upon a brew or a roast that restores our faith in taste. This past weekend we picked up some beans from 10 Speed Coffee, a cafe and roastery in Calabasas, that famous Los Angeles-adjacent exurb and celebrity enclave tucked into the foothills and canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains north of Malibu. We’ve picked up coffee at 10 Speed plenty of times (they also have a branch in Santa Monica), but this time we grabbed a bag of their Kickstand espresso roast. We brewed some up at home and had one of those “aha” moments when something that tastes really good hits you really hard.

Caffeine cutbacks, be damned! We’re full -blown addicts. More than that, we just love how a really good hot coffee tastes on a crisp autumn morning.