Fashion yourself a runway model, do ya? Yes, we know you do. We do, too! What’s not to love about stepping down the catwalks of Milan, New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo? Rushing from one Fashion Week to another around the world for one of the greatest luxury clothing brands ever?

Now is your chance, folks. The hashtag #GucciModelChallenge has been trending on TikTok and beyond the past few weeks. It’s not an official Gucci-sponsored effort to cast models. But who knows? Perhaps, this is how the storied Italian luxury brand finds the next super super super model.

The challenge involves people, mostly teens, posting videos to Tik Tok of them dressing up in layer upon layer of clashing clothing, including the requisite Gucci-esque headscarf.

Somewhere on the outskirts of the grand Italian city of Firenze (that’s Florence to you and me), where Gucci has its very much heavily guarded headquarters, people are talking, wondering — considering even! — and thinking, “There might be an opportunity here.” And asking themselves, “How might this affect our brand equity?” And “Should we lean into this trend, embrace it? Or just ignore it. (I mean — for Chrissakes! — WE’RE GUCCI!)”

Yes, these must be the kinds of things they are thinking and saying (except they’re saying these things in Italian).

So what does taking up the GucciModelChallenge entail? Well, if you’ve seen hip-hop star A$AP Rocky the past couple of years, then you may already have an idea of a classic GucciModelChallenge look. The aforementioned headscarf is an essential. Sunglasses, bright lipstick and a coat over a turtleneck is a stylistic good approach. In your Tik Tok video you need to capture yourself donning each one of these items in succession, building up to the complete look. Now just wait… and wait… and wait. It’s gonna happen. Gucci will discover you. So just wait… and wait… and wait. 😉