Skateboarding magazine Jenkem interviewed Werner Herzog. Yes, THAT Werner Herzog, the auteur German film director and actor whose directorial credits include Grizzly Man, Fitzcarraldo, and Rescue Dawn, among dozens of other fiction and documentary titles, and whose acting credits include roles in Jack Reacher and the Mandalorian, to name but a couple.

So Jenkim interviews Herzog fully aware that he knows practically nothing about skateboarding except what he’s seen as a passerby or through the media. He has no connections to skateboarding, hasn’t filmed it, hasn’t done it, doesn’t know anybody professionally involved in the skateboarding industry or culture. But he’s agreed to this interview.

The answers are typically Herzogian, with concise anecdotes, observations and some pearls of wisdom about failure and persistence, as well as ideas for the musical score he would use for a skateboarding scene in a movie. He’s gracious, warm and earnestly answers the interviewers questions. It’s good stuff. Congratulations, Jenkem.