It was brilliant and funny for the first 24 -48 hours. The meme of U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders based on an image of him sitting alone in a folding chair in his casual puffy winter coat and knitted mittens, legs crossed, arms folded, pandemic mask on, at the inauguration ceremony in Washington. It was dubbed “Bundled-Up Bernie.” (See pic below.) The sheer speed and number of memes that filled the interwebs and social media was breathtaking. It was an embarrassment of internet-culture riches! There were so many, so quickly — and so many good ones, hilarious ones (examples below) — but by Friday we were sick of them already. There was little room for further novelty, with the overall quality of these memes rapidly deteriorating after hour 48. With a few exceptions, we couldn’t be bothered with these any longer. Though we did see this crocheted Bernie based on the meme yesterday that was a freshly inspired twist on the viral sensation. More innovative takes like this are welcome! Photoshoppped Bernies? Nah, over it. But thanks!