Photographer Simon Annand has had incredible access to the backstage dressing rooms of London’s theatres for decades. As the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. reports Annand has published a new photography book of 200 some images of film and theatre stars in their dressing rooms. They appears in various modes of dress and preparation for their performances.

The book is titled “Time to Act.” Some examples are posted here. Pictured above is Gillan Anderson of the X-Files fame in her dressing in London while starring in a theatrical run of “Street Car Named Desire.” Below is Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men while appearing in the London production “The Children’s Hour.”

A dressing room is a private and often intimate space that is only temporarily the actor’s own. Seeing these stars in such a personal space is fascinating look of the actor at work. In a sense their guard is down, however much they may be aware of or playing to the camera. Annan’s images are personal and beautiful visual accounts of life on the other side of the theatrical stage.