January Jones, star of such television shows such as Madmen and the Last Man on Earth, is a celebrity who made her Instagram account a highlight of 2020. Her posts are in a style that’s distinctively her own and a fresh break from the usual celeb social media feeds. Jones is hilarious, wry, unabashedly whimsical, ironic, silly, self-deprecating, stylish and fun. 

The tumultuous year that was 2020 will be known for many things. It was the year of protests, of an American presidential election with bizarrely unhinged and incompetent presidential leadership, of tragic loss, and of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of us were stuck at home. There were virtually none of the usual public entertainment options available. 

But a byproduct of living with the COVID pandemic and coping with the craziness of 2020 was that all of us, including many celebrities, found new ways of entertaining ourselves, news ways of producing and consuming cultural offerings via the Internet, Zoom call, and social media, and established new sources of amusement that might offer escape, relief, humor and solace. Jone’s posts brightened up our mornings and have been a font of much-needed light-hearted comic relief in a time where it was sorely needed. Her feed has showcased her comedic sensibility and range far more that her turns in Madmen and other roles have allowed.