Artist Fabian Oefner’s Heisenberg Objects is a collection of sculptural works created by slicing objects — sneakers, a clock, a Leica camera. The effect is of exploded-view-like visual distortion. Some of the objects are more recognizable than others, but all reveal the inner workings and parts of the objects toContinue Reading

It’s back! And we are so very happy to see it! Desert X has returned. What’s Desert X? It’s the biennial contemporary art exhibition that dots the desert landscape and communities of the Coachella Valley with massive site-specific installation artworks. The art event, now in its third running, is centeredContinue Reading

Artist Misaki Kawai‘s current exhibition of new work at the Hole Gallery in New York City could at a brief glance easily be called “kawaii,” the Japanese word that means “cute” and connotes an entire culture (and myriad sub-cultures) that express the cute aesthetic. Its roots are from Japan, andContinue Reading

British photographer Ian Holworth‘s images remind us of the work of another photographer, William Eggleston, and the painter Edward Hopper. Holworth’s photos capture life and people in British coastal towns like Brighton, his home, and the mundane artifacts, romantic encounters and drab settings that establish the tone of the urbanContinue Reading

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has built a career on ambitious, large-scale and innovative public installation art projects that lean into themes of nature, often play with the practical effects of light and rely on mechanical and architectural technologies. Many of these works are awe-inspiring and some have spawned unforgettable imagesContinue Reading

Like many news magazines around the world, the highly-respected weekly German news magazine Der Spiegal has over the past five years devoted a number of its magazine covers to images, illustrations and cartoons depicting Donald Trump in the context of political news and the state of current events at theContinue Reading

This wonderful mural in Downtown Los Angeles is a visual play on the age-old proverb “Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil” that often accompanies an image of three “wise” monkeys. Here the evil is money. Instead of monkeys, the painting depicts three simple, cartoony line-drawing-style characters withContinue Reading