It’s 4th of July and in the United States this date is America’s Independence Day holiday. It marks the nation’s birth after rebellion and separation from the British Empire. Although we’ve lived in several countries outside the U.S., including the U.K., Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Colombia, and haveContinue Reading

We stumbled upon this small, handwritten cardboard “Black Lives Matter!!” sign placed on the driver’s side dashboard of an old Volvo sedan parked on our block. What’s striking is how small the sign is and that its placement on the dash. It’s as if the intended audience would be peopleContinue Reading

Rest in peace, Milton Glaser. You did many things. Your creative achievements were many and influential. You created an enduring, brilliant, and beloved logo for New York that is a graphic design classic and timeless. “I Love NY.” You co-founded the great New York Magazine. You created that iconic posterContinue Reading

The Economist is a publication famously restrained with the design aesthetic of its magazine. When it alters or re-designs the mag (what they still refer to as “a newspaper”), the changes are subtle and might not even be noticed by readers at first-glance. Flashy, the Economist is not. The aestheticContinue Reading

The book cover for our sixth post as part of 7-Day Book Covers Challenge is “Yes Yes Y’all: An Oral History of Hip Hop’s First Decade” by Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn The cover design and photo of “Yes Yes Y’all” captures the DIY ingenuity and vibe of early turntablistContinue Reading

In the fifth post in this ongoing 7-Day Book Covers Challenge, we’ve selected the book “Fatale” by Jean Patrick Manchette. The cover of this classic 1970s crime-thriller by the late, great French novelist Jean Patrick Manchette is a photo of a slender, young fashionable woman confidently holding a hand gun.Continue Reading

It’s our fourth installment of the 7-Day Book Covers Challenge. The book cover design we’re posting is for the book “Man of Malaysia” by Tan Kok Seng For four years while in college I spent every summer and winter — about five months of the year — in the SouthContinue Reading

This clip shows a high-resolution digital billboard in South Korea displaying an anamorphic-illusion video of a wave breaking in tank atop a building in COEX K-Pop Square in Seoul. “Wave” was created by DStrict, a Korean digital design agency based in the capital, and is said to be the world’sContinue Reading

The third installment in our 7-Day Book Covers Challenge is “Mutations.” This singular book was produced by groundbreaking Dutch “starchitect” Rem Koolhaas and the Harvard Project of the City. “Mutations” is a highly-visual survey and atlas of urbanization and architecture and its impacts as part of the hyper-accelerated growth ofContinue Reading

Here’s the second post of our 7-Day Book Covers Challenge. The book is “Obey the Giant: Life in the Image World” by design critic Rick Poyner. His book is a collection of essays exploring aspects of design, contemporary visual culture and aesthetics in the 2000’s. The title is a referenceContinue Reading

We keep stumbling upon discarded personal protective equipment in our neighborhood. Pictured here is yet another glove we found thrown out on the street. COVID-19 and the coronavirus quarantine have spawned many new behaviors and routines, as well as artifacts and detritus. It has thrown our daily lives off balanceContinue Reading

We were recently invited by a friend via Instagram to post images as part of the “7-Day Book Covers Challenge.” We’re posting these favorites book covers here, as well as on our Instagram feed. Book No. 1 is “Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown” by Paul Theroux. TherouxContinue Reading

The Los Angeles County Public Health department recently started posting signs in local neighborhoods around the city with information on the coronavirus. Literally a sign of the times. The sign pictured here is along Barrington Avenue in the upscale Brentwood area on L.A.’s westside.

A by-product of the coronavirus pandemic in many cities has been the appearance of “COVID-19 litter” on the streets. For the most part the litter is a discarded, used pair of gloves or a mask. Occasionally used sanitizing wipes can be found. Pictured here is a single discarded glove onContinue Reading

In an ongoing series of posts we’re chronicling some of the evidence we encounter in daily life of the COVID-19 coronavirus and the unusual “new normal” circumstances we find ourselves in due to the pandemic quarantine. Pictured above are “social distancing” chalk markings on the sidewalk where customers wait inContinue Reading