The New York Times arts section has turned a deservedly keen eye towards Los Angeles-based painter Sarah Cain.

Cain’s paintings are bright, bold and epic abstract works that break the two-dimensional barrier of the canvas (or wall) and give zero f*cks! Often her artwork will use various pieces of furniture and other objects as part of the paintings. Sofas, benches, backpacks and chests of drawers are attached and or adjacent to the paintings as if they’re part of the canvas or serve as plinth-like supports of work.

We stumbled upon Cain’s work a few years ago, in part because we listened to the podcast of her then partner, actor-comedian-podcaster Marc Maron. He mentioned her in an episode of his podcast “WTF.” And in part because around that same time we were living in L.A. and by coincidence we saw her artwork at an ICA LA exhibition (see image of mural below).

We instantly fell in love with Cain’s aesthetic. So it’s nice to see her getting some serious due attention from the Gray Lady. The Times’ coverage comes on the occasion of her new shows, including a solo exhibition at the Broadway Gallery in New York City that opens October 16th.

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