We finally made it to the landmark Takashi Murakami exhibition at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles. We posted about this show previously when it opened in May.

The exhibition is titled  “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow,” and it’s big survey, but not huge. It does feel slightly smaller than what we would have expected for a retrospective of an artist of Murakami’s global stature and importance. A collection of some of his most important and iconic artworks are already part of the Broad’s permanent collection, amounting to a set of crown jewels for the museum, many included in this show.

The exhibition covers the full scope of Murakami’s career output without being exhausting — paintings, sculptural objects, Japanese-style scrolls, collaborations, installations and fabricated pieces. There are new and recent works from the artist. And there are a few surprises, too, notably a co-creation with Virgil Abloh, the architect and luxury-fashion creative superstar behind Louis Vuitton and Off-White, who died last year.

It’s a mind-altering body of work. We could spend hours looking at and trying to decode at one of his massive paintings, one the famously 82-foot long canvas hung on a single wall. The title of this painting is the same as that of the exhibition.

Posted here are pix of most of the artwork on view as part of the show. A print book cataloging the exhibition has been published by the museum but it’s currently sold out and when in stock only available for purchase in person at the Broad. So, if you can’t get to the exhibition, this post may be the next best thing. Enjoy!

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