Last weekend we went to the new exhibition of artwork by Brazilian artist Lygia Pape at Hauser and Wirth Los Angeles. It was a revelation.

One work in particular blew our minds. It’s a pair of tilted, rhombus-like, geometrically intertwined columns comprised of hundreds of silver strings illuminated by lights in an otherwise massive dark space. Pape’s show fills two massive galleries, but one of these spaces is devoted to this singular artwork, titled “Tteia 1, C.” It is a masterwork.

The installation is sculptural and architectural, but relies on the play of light upon its silver lines to bring it to life. It has something in common with optical art insofar as when you walk around the artwork at a distance, its alignment and form change depending on your physical perspective. As visitors come and go through a door in the far corner of the gallery, the light coming from the open door makes the the artwork disappear when viewed from the opposite corner. It’s magical.

Pape is a pioneering artist of Brazil’s contemporary art scene. She was part of the Brazilian Neo-Concrete movement of the 1950s and ’60s and has worked across all sorts of mediums. Her later work, like “Tteia 1, C” and the rest of her exhibition at Hauser and Wirth, has increasingly focused on immersive spaces. This work explores themes that distinctly draw on the Brazilian experience, a culture that is a byproduct of European colonization and myriad indigenous cultures.

Sometimes we can get pretty jaded and cynical about artwork. We start to feel like we’ve seen it all. New work seldom holds our interest for long. Then we come across an artwork like “Tteia 1, C,” and we are throughly entranced by it. We lose track of time as we view it, and it feels like every fiber of our being is engaged.

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巴西艺术家 Lygia Pape 的美丽而令人难以置信的艺术品。她在大型画廊空间创造身临其境的体验。这是一件名为“Tteia 1, C”的作品,目前是洛杉矶豪瑟沃斯画廊展览的一部分。

Belle et incroyable œuvre d’art de l’artiste brésilienne Lygia Pape. Elle crée des expériences immersives dans de grands espaces de galerie. Celui-ci porte le titre “Tteia 1, C.” Il fait actuellement partie d’une exposition à la galerie Hauser and Wirth à Los Angeles. 

Obras de arte hermosas e increíbles de la artista brasileña Lygia Pape. Crea experiencias inmersivas en grandes espacios de galería. Este tiene el título “Tteia 1, C.” Actualmente es parte de una exposición en la galería Hauser and Wirth en Los Ángeles.

ブラジル人アーティスト、Lygia Pape による美しく信じられないほどのアートワーク。彼女は、大きなギャラリースペースで没入感のある体験を生み出しています。これは「Tteia 1, C」というタイトルが付いたもので、現在ロサンゼルスのハウザーアンドワースギャラリーで開催されている展示会の一部です。

Wunderschöne und unglaubliche Kunstwerke der brasilianischen Künstlerin Lygia Pape. Sie schafft immersive Erlebnisse in großen Galerieräumen. Dieses hier trägt den Titel “Tteia 1, C.” Es ist derzeit Teil einer Ausstellung in der Galerie Hauser und Wirth in Los Angeles.