We’ve just started watching the second season of the Hulu original series “Only Murders in the Building.” We’re three episodes in and so far it’s as delicious a witty comic mystery as its first season was.

For those not familiar with the premise, “Only Murders” is about an unlikely trio of residents in a massive, elegant pre-war apartment building in New York City’s Upper West Side who take it upon themselves to investigate a string of murders there. They record a podcast about their investigation in real-time, revealing personal connections to the murder victims and the suspected murderers, as well as the dark history and secrets of the apartment building and its eclectic gaggle of tenants.

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short co-star as the DIY podcasting detectives. Their performances are first-rate. The show manages to balance the serious with the farcical in a legit murder mystery that is full of plot twists and is as hilarious as it is dramatic, its story well-conceived and well-written. Gomez, Martin and Short’s characters have depth and chemistry. There are some clever, recurring cameos, too, including a rotating cast of A-list celebrity neighbors who play themselves. (We won’t spoil it, but suffice it to say one is a world-famous male British musician, the other is a popular female American comedian and film/TV star.)

We’re hooked on “Only Murders” and will probably binge-watch the rest of the season in one or two viewings. The third season is already confirmed on its way. We highly recommend.

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