We got to Tokyo early in the morning just after sunrise. It was a bright, hot morning with the humidity already soaring as we exited Haneda International Airport and then loaded up the car with our bags before driving into the city. Within 15 minutes the garish orange-red of Tokyo Tower came into view as we headed down the elevated expressway. At that moment, we felt relieved. It felt like being home.

Our place is smack in the center of Tokyo, a high-rise condo in a little corner of Akasaka that borders Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi, just around the corner from the sprawling American Embassy residential compound. We’re planning to get out of the city for a few days to spend time with family and friends and maybe do a little surfing down in southern Chiba and in Kanagawa in the beautiful seaside town of Hayama.

On the art scene in Tokyo, things tend to slow down a bit in late June and July as museums take summer breaks for a few weeks between big exhibitions. But there are a few cool shows and things happening that we’ll be reporting on, namely shows at the Tokyo National Arts Center, 21 21 Design Sight and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Stay tuned.

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