“Don’t surf!” We found this message scrawled into the layer of road dust caked onto the rear window of a surfer’s SUV.

There should be a word for this: “Dirty-car graffiti,” “car-dust graffiti.” Something like that. It’s definitely a form of “reverse graffiti,” where the rendering of the message or tag is subtractive by the removal of dirt instead of the application of paint.

Anyway. We surf. As many regular readers here may already know, surfing is an all-consuming, defining obsession for us. It doesn’t feel like an obsession. It seems baked into our DNA. So we have to remind ourselves (or be reminded by others) that it appears as obsession. For us, however, it just feels like our normal, default state.

But, but, but… We whole-heartedly agree with this message. Don’t surf! Seriously, truly, really, really, please don’t start surfing. (And if you do, don’t surf near Malibu, California!) Surfing sucks, and surfers are the worst. 😉