This street artwork of two rabbits in flagrante leaves nothing to the imagination. The relationship between the creatures is raw and natural and strictly an instinctive biological transaction between animals. Rabbits are often depicted as cute and innocent in popular culture. But here they’re engaged in sex, an uncute physical act. It’sContinue Reading

Wait … what? The Cobra Snake van is parked on ultra-luxe Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, in Los Angeles? Actually we’ve seen the van parked here for the past year. ( Our HQ is a few blocks away in the NOT ultra-luxe part of Santa Monica.) Who knew the CobraContinue Reading

These pink-and-gray Nike sneakers, as worn by our colleague M., are FIRE! Fire, we tell you!  Sick! We have a birthday coming up, so if you’re thinking of getting something for us, these would make a perfect gift. Just sayin’. 😉

The electrical utility box is a feature of the built-up urban landscape in many U.S. cities. These boxes tend to be rectangular gray objects standing upright on sidewalks and are mostly featureless, neutral occupants of public space. What better a blank canvas is there for street artists to showcase theirContinue Reading

This simple photographic wheat-paste street art in Venice, Los Angeles, depicts Kim Kardashian with, we assume, one of her two children (Saint or North West-Kardashian). In this image, she appears saintly, head wrapped in a manner like the late Mother Teresa. Kardashian may have once seemed an unlikely celebrity andContinue Reading

The answer to the question is  …. art museum, obviously. Specifically the Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles. The logs you see pictured here not actually lumber but rather utility poles that for decades stood along the streets of Limassol on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  When changes inContinue Reading

This poignant street art, if it can be called that (we think it qualifies), is essentially poetry painted in black, handwritten cursive style on an back-alley gate in Venice, Los Angeles.

The street art of the artist who goes by the moniker Made of Hagop never ceases to impress us with the aesthetic vision of his work. We recently came across this newer piece in Venice.

Stencil street art seems like it’s everywhere these days. It wasn’t always so. There was a time when mere graffiti art was put up either using cans of aerosol spray paint or for early graphical street art as poster sheets stuck on to walls using buckets of wheat paste andContinue Reading

Salt Fish Surf Co is a surfy boutique in Venice, in Los Angeles, run by the effusive and friendly French surfer Romaine Goudinoux, who designs and sells branded t-shirts, caps, accessories, and leather-and-fabric surfboard bags hand-crafted in Mexico. But, to be clear, his  small second-floor store is not a surfContinue Reading

Our colleague L. showing off a graphic t-shirt with the image of a boxing panda bear. How can you not like that? This shirt has got game (even though it was bought at a very un-game-having Urban Outfitters).

How do you sufficiently inform people of danger? Usually warning signs use visually strong graphical elements and bold lettering in all caps and bright colors — reds, oranges and yellows. But sometime the opposite can attract the same attention: Clean, sober and ultra -plain signage can get the idea acrossContinue Reading