This simple photographic wheat-paste street art in Venice, Los Angeles, depicts Kim Kardashian with, we assume, one of her two children (Saint or North West-Kardashian). In this image, she appears saintly, head wrapped in a manner like the late Mother Teresa. Kardashian may have once seemed an unlikely celebrity and pop-cultural phenom. The reality-TV star initially rose to notoriety on the heels of a leaked homemade sex tape back in the 2000s. Since then she has transcended from her role as TV celeb of dubious talent to an international beauty and fashion icon. She married hip-hop megastar Kanye West and bore her children with him. Recently she has become a vocal advocate for prison reform going so far as to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump to make the case for issuing a pardon on behalf of a convicted drug offender. Her profile is slowly changing. Perhaps motherhood, success, experience and a relentless media presence have led to an awareness of how to wield her influence, her megaphone, for a greater cause.