Coming right at you!!! Fresh off Mylius original beach mural comes this outstanding OG collabo between triumvirate NEUTRA, Mylius, and Drew. The detail and contrasting colors between the three murals lights up the Speedway. Which one is your favorite? Have your say. Drop us a line. – RB Ryan BaumContinue Reading

We found this skateboard parked in the corner of a high-designed, glass-walled conference room in the offices of a major New York City advertising agency, where we were spending part of an afternoon watching presentations of TV-commercial reels by various directors and visual effects companies. We love the panda bearContinue Reading

We came across this really cool piece by artist Kelcey Fisher near Windward Circle in Venice, in Los Angeles. The Indian headdress motif has been a recurring image this summer, notably on this season’s Stussy T-Shirts. We like the contrasting iconography. This is the first piece we’ve encountered by KelceyContinue Reading

A modern-art classic and an example of the ready-made genre in extreme, French artist Bertrand Lavier’s 1993 “Giulietta (-vue-de-dos)” is a crashed red Alpha Romeo car rescued from a scrapyard. The artwork has a home at the Pompidou Center Museum, the powerhouse modern and contemporary art museum in the BeaubourgContinue Reading

We travel often here at Global Graphica, and even when we’re in New York City we’re often on the move and often carrying several devices with us. Having small, lightweight, portable gear is important, as we need to be prepared to work wherever we are, whether at a cafe inContinue Reading

Pix below of fresh street artwork by the Brooklyn-based artist Rae BK. The wheat-paste (or “wheatie”) artwork is above a warehouse doorway on Orchard Street, in New York’s Lower East Side (and literally a stone’s throw from Global Graphica HQ). This is the best, most recent work we’ve seen byContinue Reading

We’re fans of Apartamento, the international indie shelter and interiors magazine that bills itself as “an everyday lifestyle magazine.” Some readers may recall we’ve posted about previous issues of Apartamento in the past. It’s edited and published with love and a finely woven aesthetic that’s both minimal and warm. TheContinue Reading

Here’s a nice piece of photo-based stencil street art by the artist TONA in Amsterdam’s Centrum neighborhood. The artwork is wheat-pasted and shows a small, blonde child holding an aluminum can (perhaps a can of beer?)

We can see the Ink 148 hotel penthouse from the rooftop deck of our agency’s offices in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. The penthouse has been aptly dubbed the “Heaven Over Hell’s Kitchen Suite.” From this perch, there’s a stunning view of Midtown Manhattan’s dense mass of skyscrapers. We were thinkingContinue Reading