The name of Italian espresso-machine maker La Marzocco may not roll off the tongue easily or be a household name. Yet many if not most of us or anybody who regular visits cafes and orders a half-way decent cappuccino know the name or have at very least seen it perhaps without thinking about it.

La Marzocco’s espresso machines come in various shapes, designs and sizes, but all have that distinct logo — a wordmark in a slightly sexy retro-Euro typeface rendered as a single unbroken line on the customer-facing side of the machines.

The company has a tradition of putting out artful “yearbooks” featuring beautiful black-and-white photography and illustrations inspired by coffee culture and local markets where coffee is firmly embedded in the lifestyle. In this case, the photos and artwork are inspired by the core Scandanavian nations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

We stumbled across this old 2016 edition of the La Marzocco Yearbook, called “On the Road,” at one of our favorite Los Angeles cafes, the coffee-roaster Bar Nine in Culver City. We can’t recommend a visit to their cafe enough.

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