“The Memeing of LIfe: A Journey Through the Delirious World of Memes” is a droll, entertaining study of a most post-modern phenomenon of contemporary visual culture.

Born of the internet age, specifically the early web, and later cooked with much exponential proliferation in the social media age, memes are now firmly embedded in the culture at large.

They work at both the broadly topical and niche and obscure levels, depending on the audiences and creators. With minutes, if not seconds, or any noteworthy event or incident covered by media that offers up a compelling visual or idea, someone, somewhere, will themselves find inspiration to generate a meme about it. Think actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on live television at the 2022 Academy Awards.

“The Memeing of Life” delves into where memes come from, some classic memes of the past decade, breaking down and analyzing what makes these memes resonate so sharply, usually to humorous effect, distilling some experiential, intellectual or emotional truth, sometimes through searing irony.

The book is a well-written, well-crafted and highly visual and slim volume that the reader can either read in one go or just as easily dip in and out of from time to time when the mood fits.

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