These vanilla-matcha popsicles are like no other pops we’ve ever had. They’re called Dream Pops and are vegetable-based, containing only coconut milk, organic coconut sugar, vanilla extract, and Japanese “ceremonial-grade” matcha green tea. They’re incredibly delicious and have a creamier, denser texture. They’re frozen, of course, but not icy like a typical popsicle. These melt very slowly in thick drops instead of thin, watery ones.

But what’s most striking is the shape of the pop. It’s got geometric, multi-faceted, chunked sections made up of triangular, pyramid-like forms. The effect is architectural and “designy.” But the form serves a function, making it easier to eat the pop — It’s ergonomic for the mouth! We’ve been picking up these dessert treats at Whole Foods and Erewhon super markets in the Los Angeles area over the past year or two.

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