The geo-political conflict and humanitarian nightmare unfolding in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s horrific, invasive military aggression has captured the world’s attention in a way that few modern wars have. It has inspired a massive global outcry and efforts to bring attention to the plight of the Ukraine people and refugees. The Polish artist-illustrator Pawel Jonca has created this powerful image of a Russian bear stepping on a LEGO brick in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The illustration is a visual metaphor that so perfectly expresses the nature of this David-versus-Goliath conflict and — more to the point — the pain that the smaller, plucky Ukraine resistance is inflicting on Russia, in spite of the latter’s overwhelming size and power. Jonca is selling printable poster-size digital downloads of this artwork with all the proceeds to be devoted to Polish humanitarian aid efforts for Ukraine via the organization  Polska Akcja Humanitarna.

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