The guy who was the baby on the iconic cover of Nirvana’s”Nevermind” album is suing the influential Seattle grunge pioneers.

Spencer Elden is the name of the guy. His lawsuit in California Federal court is against the estate of the band’s late frontman Kurt Cobain, as well as his widow, singer and actress Courtney Love, and former band members Kris Novoselic and David Grohl, frontman of Foo Fighters.

Among other claims, Elden says the band profited from his image as a baby floating in a swimming pool as U.S. dollar bill stuck on a fishhook is dangled in front of him. He claims “permanent harm” in the form of “lifelong loss of income-earning capacity” and emotional distress stemming from the experience.

Really? C’mon! Really? Over the years, Elden himself has appeared to revel in his unusual claim to fame and distinct, obscure status as footnote in pop-culture history. He’s even recreated the image of himself floating in the pool several times on the anniversaries of marking the release of “Nevermind.” The album is one of the greatest selling records of all time — it’s sold some 30 million copies worldwide.

This sounds like a grift. Or, rather, smells like one. That and an opportunistic lawyer whispering in Elden’s ear.