Would you drive this stickerfied vintage station wagon? We spotted this car parked along a remote stretch of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) near Malibu, California, on Monday. We’re guessing the vehicle is from the early-1970s.

The car belongs to a surfer (who is also an internationally famous indie musician whose name we won’t disclose here) and is the perfect local surf-mobile. This thing is the real-deal. The wagon has plenty of space for transporting longboard surfboards.

The stickers and license plate holder offer a lot of information to be decoded. There are bumper stickers for bands (Kinks, The Cars, Devo) and jokes like the “Long Vehicle” stickie featuring a dachshund.

The rusty auto has definitely seen better days, but appears to run just fine. The liberal use of stickers, the “Topanga” plate frame (Topanga is a notoriously heavy local surf spot), and overall gritty “No fucks given” vibe of the vehicle, support the theory that the car is used exclusively as a surfer wagon.

We can’t help but imagine the car cruising down PCH, pot smoke wafting out the windows as 1970s classic rock (think Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin) blasts from blown-out little stereo speakers, seizing the attention of ticketing-happy Highway Patrol officers resting on their bikes.

So to the original question Would you drive this? Our answer, yes, if only to drive down to the beach.