Here’s the second post of our 7-Day Book Covers Challenge. The book is “Obey the Giant: Life in the Image World” by design critic Rick Poyner. His book is a collection of essays exploring aspects of design, contemporary visual culture and aesthetics in the 2000’s.

The title is a reference to street artist and designer Shepard Fairey and his iconic and influential stickers with the image of Andre the Giant and the word “Obey.”

The colorful illustrated cover suggests the rich, multi-faceted diversity, power and creativity in the making and use of images. The book pre-dates the era of Instagram but is prescient in its observations on memes and the pervasive image-based culture bred from the Internet and commercial brands.

The book cover reminds me of my early years living and working in New York City and the intense sensory experience of life in the mega-city and its aesthetics.