We were recently invited by a friend via Instagram to post images as part of the “7-Day Book Covers Challenge.” We’re posting these favorites book covers here, as well as on our Instagram feed. Book No. 1 is “Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown” by Paul Theroux.

Theroux is a great writer best known for his novels, some of which have been made into film, but this book is a work of non-fiction. It’s an account of an ambitious and difficult journey based on a conceit — The trip was to be made on foot, by car, boat, or train or other terrestrial vehicle, but not by plane, across Africa from north to south, starting in Egypt and finally to South Africa.

Theroux visits many countries along the way and reveals the vastly diverse cultures, attitudes, and political and economic circumstances across the continent. His encounters on the trip are with old friends and strangers, government officials and soldiers, locals and Western expats. It’s an observational, personal chronicle filled with as many stories from the people he meets as his own. The book cover evokes the sobering hardships of the journey and the vastness of the continent.