We’re now officially in Month Two of stay-at-home, social-distanced working-from-home (WFH), and self-quarantine here at Global Graphica HQ in Los Angeles due to the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic. To be more specific, we’re in Week Five.

We actually marked the start of Week Five last Thursday around 1:00pm. That’s when a month earlier we were at our offices and given the order from the powers that be to leave the office ASAP and start working from home. For how long? “Indefinitely.”

We packed up our stuff, including an external computer display and headed home, where we reconfigured a home office space. We set up a small desk designed for one person to be used by two persons and to handle two full-time workstations with two monitors, three laptops, two external hard drives, three mobile devices, a camera-tripod set-up and microphone, We’ve also set up a little makeshift video-photo studio. And we’ve grabbed a couple of plastic dining chairs from the kitchen table as desk chairs. It’s cramped and uncomfortable but will suffice.

Being at home all day and with our business impacted like that of many companies, we thought we’d have more down time. But actually we’ve been incredibly busy as we react to current events on behalf of our clients and as the pandemic unfolds day by day. Thus, until now, we haven’t updated this blog since the coronavirus hit.

We’re going to take a break for a few more weeks. But we’ll be back once we get past a few big projects and make some arrangements for a better, more comfortable home-work space and routine. We’ve ordered another small desk and will be picking up our desk chairs from our offices. In the meantime stay safe and healthy. If you can, go for a walk and lean into our new normal. One silver lining is that we’re going for daily walks around our neighborhood now, and it’s nice with the spring weather.