Go to your kitchen! GO! Go right now! Grab some aluminum foil. Rip a sheet out of the box. Now, crumple it up a bit, not to tight though. Pinch and roll some bits into little arms or tendrils. Do a bit more crumpling. Then twist. Continue until you aesthetically are happy with the amorphous abstract shape you’re created.

Now test its balance by placing it on a table top or flat surface. Does it stand just so, on its own with out tilting to much to one side or falling over? (Or maybe a tilt is what you want?) Et voila, mes amis! In your immediate presence you now have a beautiful, provocative, inscrutable sculptural object ready as installation artwork.

And it may be ready for prime-time display in the courtyard of the Hauser and Wirth gallery in Los Angeles. Though, you really should consider your artwork merely a scale-model prototype. You’re going to need A LOT MORE aluminum foil for the version you exhibit at the gallery! Now GO!! 😉

BTW, as a bonus, this artwork is recyclable!