In a rare feat, a single artwork has managed to simultaneously pay homage to two iconic works of art by two major contemporary art stars. The work is a piece of street art tucked away in an unlikely locale, on the corner of an the exterior wall of public elementary in a leafy upscale neighborhood on Los Angeles’s westside.

The artist is unknown to us, but the street art is plainly and convincingly done in the style of U.K. stencil graffiti artist Banksy and directly references one of his best known works, a painting of a girls holding a red balloon. The balloon in this artwork, whoever, is in the form a balloon dog sculptural object created by American artist Jeff Koons and among his best-known works as well.

This street artwork is obscure if not verging on virtually unknown except to faculty and students and their families of the school, and visitors to a large weekly farmers’ market on the adjacent side street. The school is in Brentwood, a hillsy L.A. neighborhood with scant street art, murals or graffiti art, and better know for being an understated and leafy upscale area where many A-list celebrities live.

We’re guessing that maybe the artwork was put up as part of some educational initiative at the school. Or Banksy is having some fun.