Do you ever see something really yummy when you’re hungry and get “hangry”? “Yes,” you say? Yes, you do? We knew it! Sometimes we do, too. Often times it’s while we’re hard at work at our office, super busy with barely a moment to spare between meetings to even think about grabbing lunch.

We had this experience recently when we saw the “Wall of Donuts.” Well, “Wall” might be too generous a term. It’s more like a “Rack of Donuts,” though, so really let’s call it a “Wall-like Rack of Donuts.” This mini-architectural novelty is one that turns the donuts into a decorative object, but an object that serves a very important function, too. You can walk right up to the Wall/Rack and pull the donut of your choice off and start soothing your hangry hunger pangs immediately. It’s essentially a donut buffet.

The Wall/Rack was set up by a media company during a recent promotional visit to our advertising agency offices. Media and production companies, various third-party vendors large and small, that provide services to advertising agencies and their clients often pay visits to the agencies to pitch their offerings. They usually bring swag — caps, tees, pens, etc., branded with their logos — which are “take or leave it” and often in the “leave it” category. More importantly, they also often bring food, which is usually in the “TAKE IT!” category.

The food is usually unremarkable: Take-out food from the local Thai joint, spreads of soft-taco ingredients (also from a local joint), sandwiches and salads from Mendocino farms, pizza (from a local joint), that sort of thing. It can feel routine and is easily taken for granted.

But the Wall/Rack of Donuts distinguishes itself. It was a massively welcome change from the vendor food-swag routine. Of course, it’s gimmicky. But the donuts were delicious!