British artist Matthew Stone‘s paintings are not really paintings. His epic images look like paintings but look closely at the canvas and you’ll notice something is off. Things are not what they seem. Stone’s pictures are really digitally-manipulated and printed images, pre-composed and affixed onto linen canvas.

The images themselves are compelling, surreal distortions of photo-real human bodies, incomplete and segmented parts of bodies, some partially clothed, some bare. His images appear rendered as if cut-out from Renaissance paintings, re-mixed and re-combined in blank space out of their original epic context. It’s a neat trick that in and of itself is not quite enough, but here, coupled with Stone’s stunning vision and imagery, the artwork sucks you in and wins.

The painting in the photo posted above was recently on view at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary art fair by the New York gallery The Hole. The painting is part of the “Neophyte” series at Stone’s show at the Hole in NYC last year.