Have you binge watched season two of Stranger Things? If you have then you know how good it is. Some are saying it’s better than season one. Go figure.

We admit we’ve already seen all of season two of the Netflix original series. It lives up to the hype. Yes, that’s right, savvy reader, it’s still “critically acclaimed”! 

Given its critical and popular success, there’s probably going to be a third season. (Netflix doesn’t share viewer numbers and the show is commercial-free so in audience and dollars terms we don’t really know how successful it is.)

But no matter. As long as current subscribers don’t cancel there Netflix accounts, it’s as a good as a hit.

In the meantime, fans of the show can slake their thirst for more by browsing or purchasing some Stranger Things apparel. There’s a whole line of clothing already available at Target stores in the U.S.

We spied some choice ST threads being worn by a “creative type” at an ad agency’s office in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and we experienced something of a momentary catharsis. Suddenly we were seized with a burning desire to run to the nearest Target and pick up some ST fashion for ourselves.

Oh, my god! What’s happening? What’s wrong with us?

Fortunately we got an urgent text that our 10:00am status meeting was cancelled and the spell was broken. We took hold of our senses and got on with our day. But after that moment, nothing quite felt right for the rest of the day.

Like the Demogorgon of the Upside-down World in Stranger Things, lurking beneath the surface, our most base pop-cultural consumer and fashion impulses lie ever present and ready to ensnare us. We are not safe.

Hollywood capitalism is as work here, savvy reader. And why not? Why wouldn’t it be under the circumstances. Licensing and selling ST merch is an invitation to print money. There is much we can learn here.

The recipe is staring us in the eyes:

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