Breaking: Cats Like Espresso Too!

It’s all starting to make sense now. Upon seeing this cute stencil street art of a feline sipping from a coffee cup, a critical observation came sharply into focus: Cats drink coffee, too! Just like us humans!!! OMG! It explains sooooooo much about cats, doesn’t it?

And it may be that they just don’t merely drink coffee. They well may be discerning third-wave connoisseurs of the stuff, who if they had their say in the matter would order up a $16.00 cup of premium Yemeni Port of Mokha-branded coffee from the nearest Blue Bottle. Gee, that’s kind of awesome.

But we may be way overthinking this. Maybe it’s not about the coffee at all. Maybe it’s really about the the milk in the coffee. Uh … cats like milk, right? Ok, shit! Nothing makes sense anymore. Forget everything about cats liking coffee.