The Chanel Surfboard of Model Gisele Bundchen … Venice, Los Angeles


There’s nothing more we can say about this. The picture says it all. Well, ok, actually, there’s something we can say and it’s this: This board wasn’t intended to be seriously surfed. It was meant to just look good as a prop in a Chanel ad campaign starring Brazilian uber-super-mega model Gisele Bundchen. If we had it, we’d surf the hell out of it. At least for a little while. Then we’d clean it up a bit, but maybe leave the wax coat on it. Except for the part of the board where it’s signed “Love, Gisele” by the Brazilian uber-super-mega model. We’d remove the surf wax from that part so it’s visible. And any dings to the board, well, we’d leave them as is. For character. Then we’d hang it on a wall someplace or prop it in the corner of a room, maybe in our tiny guest bathroom. It would serve as an objet d’art and conversation piece. Ok, so other than this there’s really nothing more we can say. This time, we swear.