Artist Urs Fischer’s Giant Teddy Bear at the Airport in Doha, Qatar

New York-based Swiss artist Urs Fischer‘s famous giant yellow teddy bear and lamp has been installed at the recently opened Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. Our Tokyo editor Mayumi Ihara was recently there and took a few quick pix (below).

The artwork is officially titled “Untitled (Lamp/Bear),” and it’s a 23-foot tall painted bronze sculpture that weighs nearly 20 tons. It’s one of three by Fischer that have been on view throughout the world, including a five-month stint in New York City in 2011 when the work was installed in the plaza of the iconic Seagram Building on Park Avenue.

Its exhibition in Qatar is symbolic of a larger, broader trend underway the better part of the past decade in which the international art world has been establishing a firm presence in the Middle East, particularly in the wealthy Gulf states cities of Kuwait, Doha and Dubai.





Photos by Mayumi Ihara. All rights reserved.