On the Scene at Banksy’s “Better In Than Out” in NYC …


This is the first Banksy piece of the British street art superstar’s month-long October residency in New York, where he has been putting up or releasing a new piece of artwork everyday as part of his “Better In Than Out” street exhibition. The artwork is a stencil  painting depicting two life-size old-school NYC paper boys reaching for a spray-paint can next to a sign prohibiting graffiti. Within 24 hours of going up, Banksy’s artwork itself was vandalized, then updated,  then painted over and re-tagged and partly recovered. It can be found on the back of a tenement building at Allen Street just north of Canal Street on the East side of the block, approximately behind where the Fat Radish restaurant is in the Lower East Side. There’s a hilarious, cheeky audio piece that viewers can listen to via a toll-free phone number (see below), which is stenciled on a wall near the artwork. The original work can be seen along with the audio on the Banksynyc.com website. Across the street, at 17 Allen Street, the NY street artist Hanksy has put up his “Will Ferrell Cat” wheat-paste street art.