Ki Yoon Ko’s “Prism” in Tokyo

We’re keen to see American artist Ki Yoon Ko‘s  new show called Prism at Hiromart Gallery in Tokyo this month. Sadly, by the time we’re in Tokyo next, the show will be over. BUT …

… But we will be in Hamburg, Germany this month, which is kind of ironic considering that it’s where Ki Yoon Ko lives and works. (To recap: The artist is an American of Korean heritage, has a gallery show in Tokyo and is based in Hamburg. Got it? Ok, cool.)

Much of Ki Yoon’s painting in Prism, like “Eagle,” pictured below, have a playful, symbolic graphic quality that we really like. There’s a lot of photo-realistic animal imagery in his latest work, too, which makes for an intriguing juxtaposition of natural and graphic forms. In other words, we think its dope.

The shows runs through December 27th. More deets at Art Forum. Check it.


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