A.P.C. x Carhartt Collabo

We walk by the Carhartt store on Crosby Street in SoHo, in downtown Manahttan, so often that it seems that what’s in the store windows is always the same. So we were a little surprised a few days ago when we saw the A.P.C. logo mashed up with the Carhartt logo on the display window.

It’s a curious collabo between two successful, influential clothing brands. We would have never imagined the two together, as they live in a different style space.

But we imagine Carhartt gets an injection of some cool fashion cred from A.P.C., and A.P.C. will get the exposure that comes from Carhartt’s broader brand recognition. The collabo collection officially launched in October, but we’re just seeing it now.

We often check in with the A.P.C. store over on nearby Mercer Street. The French, Paris-based A.P.C. brand is global and one of our all-time favorites. (Just how much of a favorite? We still have sweaters, tees and jeans — some over ten years old! — that we’ve bought at their Paris, New York, Osaka and Tokyo stores!)

Though not nearly as well known or available as Carhartt, A.P.C. clothes are super well-made and durable and are part of a stylish, pared-down simple-cool aesthetic that has the air of Parisian youth chic and artsy hipster restraint. A.P.C.’s clothes don’t announce themselves so much as reveal their quality and personality subtly upon close inspection.

In any case, that brutal-heavy salmon-colored A.P.C. x Carhartt shirt in the window … yeah, we’ll take one of those, please.




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