Toyota’s Prius x Parlee Concept Bike

Check out this cool mini-documentary video that tells the story of the Prius x Parlee ( PxP ) bike, an innovative concept bicycle inspired by the technology principles of Toyota’s iconic hybrid car.

The bike was designed and built by Parlee. It’s ultra-light, aero-dynamic and made with carbon-fiber. An integral part of the concept is the use of a “neuro helmet,” which uses a rider’s brain waves to control gear shifting. A company called Deep Local developed the helmet technology exclusively for the PxP. It’s pretty amazing.

The Prius celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2010 and the bike project is one in a series of original art, technology and video projects by Toyota to mark this milestone and introduce the next generation of its hybrid vehicles. Global Graphica’s very own Van Corsa worked as a creative producer on these projects – including the development of the Prius x Parlee concept and the bike project itself – with Toyota’s ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi LA. Yay!


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