Primo in LoSoNo Town

More freshness from Primo on Broome Street. This life-size wheat-paste of a man with a dog’s head holding a pistol to his head continues a theme. Many of the artist’s images involve figures with guns and faces either grotesquely altered or wearing feral, quasi-psychotic facial expressions.

This piece was at a spot that has recently attracted a lot of street art, mostly wheat-pastes, by the likes of Shepard Fairey and Haculla, among others. Apparently this has started to attract the attention of the building’s owner. With his work of the past year or two, Primo has quickly become one of our group of favorite artists working the street-scape and gallery space.

Last week, the last time we walked by this building, all the artwork had been stripped off the wall and painted over in the generic beige color of the nondescript one-story structure at the corner of Broome and Bowery streets in the Lower East Side / SoHo / Nolita / Chinatown area (that overlapping, gray area where these neighborhoods merge like a a georaphica mashup, which we will start calling “LoSoNo Town.”).




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