Ludlow Angst

It was a brilliant surprise on a recent morning to find this freshly thrown up black-and-white wheatpaste street art as we walked down Ludlow Street, not far from Global Graphica HQ.

Usually this stretch of wall between Grand and Hester streets, is painted more-or-less solid black, which is the way the owner of the building likes to keep it. Occasionally it’s covered in hastily sprayed and unfinished crappy graffiti tags, which are often thrown up late at night. Very soon thereafter, it’s painted over. If you look at the images carefully, you’ll see the various rectangles of recently painted over graff.

Given this situation, it was nice to see some actually carefully-crafted and drawn art work on the wall. The image itself is of a mans face in the throes of anger or pain (?). The work is vaguely similar to that of artist WK Interact, but we doubt it’s his work as he usually works on a larger scale or repeatedly and quickly wheat pastes a neighborhood with life-size images of people. (WK Interact has been quiet lately on the streets of downtown New York City.)

In any case, this art work too was eventually painted over earlier this month.