New York Places: Apotheke is a new mixology cocktail bar on Doyers Street, in the heart of old Chinatown, downtown NYC. The bar occupies a space that was formerly a Chinese restaurant (the sign still hangs in front) and once an opium den way, way, way back in the day of ol’ New York. In any case, Apotheke is a dark, gorgeous space. The bar looks like an ancient pharmacists lab stuck in a Belle-Epoque-era central-European brothel. (The name Apotheke means apothecary or chemists.) Instead of drugs and synthetic chemicals, jars and beakers are filled with a dizzying multitude of various types of cocktail ingredients: herbs, spices, bits of fruits, powders, leaves, and exotic fluids, alcoholic and otherwise. The atmosphere, to be real, is an obvious yet beautiful trick of affluent, faux-bohemian hipster luxe, coolly hidden behind a cheap, plastic restaurant facade and tucked snuggly under a veneer of authentic downtown grit that has virtually all but vanished from lower Manhattan. – Supercore

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images