The Banksy Dilemma for Bristol, U.K.

A work by he U.K.-based street-art superstar Banksy has recently put the city council of Bristol, England between the horns of of dilemma. The “graffiti” artwork was put up on the side of a public building, the city council itself. Recently, the council has tasked itself with enforcing a general policy of stopping and erasing graffiti across Bristol, but it recognizes that the work of Banksy is of an altogether different order — Banksy himself has, during the past several years, risen to become in the eyes of the art world (and much of the public) a genuine artist ,who recieves well-paid commissions to put the same kind of art works in other places. Does the city council remove the work from the building or keep it, setting a precedent for graffiti vandals. This is the issue that the council is wrestling with. In the meantime, they made an exception and have allowed Banksy’s art work to stay.

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