Our New Digital Camera Gear


Regular visitors to Global Graphica may have recently noticed that we’ve been listing a new digital camera in our notes. For years, we’ve been relying on Nikon Coolpix series cameras. We’ve taken tens of thousands of photos with them. But last month, the camera had finally burned out after so much use.

The Nikon cameras have been excellent over the years. So much so that we never doubted that we just buy another Nikon. But as we started hunting for our digital cam, we couldn’t help but notice the new Canon PowerShot SD 630 digital camera. The model is an advanced iteration of the SD 600 series. What struck us most about the device were three things: its very large view screen, the vastly superb graphical menu interface, and the sleek form-functionality factor.

Compared to what we saw of the latest Nikon models, we were in no doubt of making the switch back to Canon (our first serious pre-digital-era camera was a massive Canon SLR, which we used for many years until it finally conked out). The SD 630 is an excellent and beautiful little camera. So far, we’ve been very happy with it.