Thank You for Making Us #1


While we’re on the subject of spaces and places in downtown Manhattan that are no more, here’s a shot of the recently torn down Gaseteria gas station at the corner of Houston and Lafayette streets in Soho, New York City. More precisely, it’s a picture of a billboard advertisement of the station at the station. We’ve always loved this sign because it’s so obviously from a different stylistic era of advertising and retail signage. Even the messaging is quaint: “Thank you for making us #1” and “New York’s ‘House Brand'” are presented in an almost laughable, but endearing, way. Most of all, we love the design aesthetic and the illustration of the station itself, with bright yellow NYC taxis sitting at all the pumps. It’s a big surprise that Gaseteria wasn’t demolished to make room for new luxury apartments and condos (given the location, the land and air-rights alone are worth potentially tens of millions of dollars.) No, what replaced this old petrol stop was a new, shiny, modern service station of a well-known brand franchise.

Ivan Corsa Photo