HOLLRDRSEX, East Village, NYC – Wide


New and old examples of the “DrSex” tag can be found around downtown Manhattan, mainly on the walls of old apartment buildings and storefronts in the Lower East Side and the East Village. But usually the tag is just written as “DRSEX.” Pictured here, though, is a longer moniker, “HOLLRDRSEX,” as in “Holler” and “Dr Sex” perhaps? Don’t know if HOLLR represents another graf writer who has collabo’d with the good Dr. for this piece of aerosol art. In any case, we don’t often see tags this long in lower Manattan, as there’s usually not enough blank wall space available for graf so large and elongated. This “up” is on the side of a tenement building that is adjacent to a rare empty lot at the corner of E. 1st St. and 2nd Ave. in the East Village. Dr. Sex, holla’!

Ivan Corsa Photo