Fame Game 3


This is an awesome piece of work: The words “FAME GAME” spelled out with a wood frame and affixed to the side of that cynosure of downtown Manhattan street art, the building at 11 Spring Street, in Nolita. This work is on the Elizabeth Street side of the building. The unoccupied 19th-century apartment house was, until recently, undergoing interior renovations by its owner, NY Post scion Lachlan Murdoch. The transformation of the building into a piece of large, luxury residential real estate for Murdoch all but guaranteed that the end was near for 11 Spring’s place as a venue for street artists. But Murdoch recently shocked the media world by announcing his resignation as publisher of his father’s, Rupert’s, newspaper. He also announced that he would move to Australia. The renovation work came to a sudden halt at 11 Spring, so for now expect it to remain a home for street-smart visual culture. See more shots of Fame Game below.

Ivan Corsa Photo

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