Sushi Ahoy! – Maritime Hotel Building, Chelsea, NYC 01


The Maritime Hotel in Chelsea has only been around for 39 years, but it already has a storied history. The 12-floor building is now a fashionable boutique hotel and office building catering to the rich and fabulous and celebrity-crowned peeps who haunt the Meatpacking District, West Village and Cheslea. The structure is now one of the hottest pieces of real estate on the west side of lower Manhattan, where the wave of chic gentrification continues, a process that has turned meat warehouses into multi-million-dollar condos and apartments. As an example of the second wave of “international style” architecture popular in the 1960’s, the Maritime Hotel has a distinct look. Designed by architect Albert C. Ledner, the structure’s obvious and most eclectic feature is the grid of porthole windows, which, like the building’s name, hints at its past. When the building was opened in 1966, it housed the National Maritime Union and was home to sailors. Now, in addition to serving as a jet-set hotel, the tower has one of the most recent buzz restaurants of New York City, the upscale Japanese sushi palace called Megu.

Ivan Corsa Photo

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