View From AOL Time Warner Building


A view from the mezzanine inside the AOL Time Warner Building looking out through the huge glass front onto Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Across the roundabout, at 2 Columbus Circle, is a white skyscraper that is an important piece of 1960’s-era architecture, The New York Cultural Center Building. Originally it was an art museum — or, rather, a very large gallery — called the Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art, an institution born by the heir to the great A&P Supermarket fortune. Built from 1964-65, this singular skyscraper was designed by architects Edward Durell Stone and Associates expressly for the purpose of housing a world-class art collection. It has been vacant for years and is in serious need of repair and renovation despite the structure being recognized as an architectural gem. Fortunately, in 2004 the building was designated as an “endangered building” by the National Trust and is now the focus of efforts by architecture preservationists to protect the design from being altered in the future.

Ivan Corsa Photo

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