Swoon: Kids Play 3 (3 of 3)


Swoon is a New York City street artist whose work is instantly recognizable to residents of certain neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, where much of her work can be found. Last Friday, Swoon and her art were featured in a lengthy New York Times’ article by Kirk Semple about street art. Though Swoon’s work gets it widest exposure via the exterior nooks and sides of buildings in SoHo, Chinatown and the Lower East Side, she is an accomplished, professional artist who has exhibited her art at galleries in the United States and Europe. These images of Swoon’s work on Ludlow Street just north of Canal St. in the Lower East Side depict children playing ball. (See Kids Play 1 and Kids Play 2.) Swoon’s brilliant and original works are meticulous, life-size paper cutouts of people slapped up with wheat paste on blank walls. As noted on this Web site previously (See below: Street Art by Swoon | 03.31.04), the images are sometimes illustrated on, and carved out of, Chinese newspapers and show people engaged in everyday activities at street level.

Ivan Corsa Photo

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