Take a look at the photo below. Well, the answer is pretty fucking obvious, right? This colorful selection of curtains pictured below is at the Bed, Bath & Beyond on Pico Blvd. in West LA. “No! I don’t believe you!” you exclaim with a healthy dose of culture-savvy skepticism tingedContinue Reading

It’s all starting to make sense now. Upon seeing this cute stencil street art of a feline sipping from a coffee cup, a critical observation came sharply into focus: Cats drink coffee, too! Just like us humans!!! OMG! It explains sooooooo much about cats, doesn’t it? And it may beContinue Reading

The LACMA exhibition “Home – So Different, So Appealing” is turning into something of a landmark show with all the buzz from critics and patrons alike. The exhibition features a sprawling collection of artwork from Latin American and Latino artists since the 1950s to the present. As┬áthe shows title suggests,Continue Reading

Hey, Everybody! Regular readers of GlobalGraphica (GG) will have noticed that we haven’t posted to this site in a few weeks. And if you sent us an email recently, you probably haven’t heard from us (as it was, we were already way behind on replying to readers’ emails — weContinue Reading